Retrofit Rebate Program

PNM Retrofit Rebate Program

Retrofit rebates can help offset the cost of improving an existing facility.

The Retrofit Rebate Program offers prescriptive (from a pre-set menu) and custom incentives to business customers for installing energy-efficient equipment in their existing facilities.

Custom rebates are available for system improvements that are not included in the prescriptive portion of the application. Custom rebates are calculated using $0.08 per estimated first year kilowatt hour (kWh) saved.

Prescriptive rebates (selected from a pre-set menu of common retrofit measures) are for installing qualifying equipment in new and existing buildings, which include:

  • Energy-Efficient Lighting

    (Interior and exterior/dusk-to-dawn/12-hour operation)

    • LED lamps and fixtures
    • LED, T8 and T5 lamps replacing HID
    • Occupancy sensors and daylighting sensor controls
    • LED fixture controls
    • Linear fluorescent to linear fluorescent replacements no longer qualify
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

    • Premium-efficiency unitary and split AC systems
    • Premium-efficiency air source heat pumps
    • High-efficiency water and air cooled chillers
    • Packaged terminal AC and HP units
    • Variable refrigerant flow heat pumps
    • Hotel guest room occupancy sensors
    • Indirect evaporative cooling – Does not include swamp coolers
  • Refrigeration

    (Food Service / Grocery / Convenience Store)

    • Strip curtains for walk-in coolers and freezers
    • Night covers for refrigerated display cases
    • Anti-sweat heater controls
    • High-efficiency evaporator fan motors
    • Evaporator fan motor controls
    • LED refrigeration case lighting
    • ENERGY STAR® qualified solid-door and glass-door freezers
    • Electronically commutated motors for reach-in and walk-in coolers and freezers
    • High-efficiency ice makers
  • Food Service Equipment

    (ENERGY STAR® qualified)

    • Steam cookers
    • Combination ovens
    • Hot holding cabinets
    • Beverage vending machines
    • Commercial vat fryers and griddles
  • Premium-Efficiency Motors and Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) on HVAC Motors

  • Window Film

  • Plug Load Controls

    • On beverage vending machines, refrigerated coolers and snack machines
    • Plug load occupancy sensors
  • Industrial Equipment

    • Industrial 3-phase high-frequency battery chargers

Retrofit Rebate Application

Visit the online application to access the most recent Retrofit Rebate Application.

Retrofit Rebate Portal

Authorized Contractors can access real-time project data and application updates here.

2024 Overall Program Status

Available funds paid as of May 28, 2024


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Some of the benefits you can expect by becoming an Authorized Contractor:

  • Financial advantage, such as third-party payment of incentives & cash bonuses when available
  • Technical, rebate application, and engineering support
  • Secure access to real-time program data through the Program Project Portals
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