Quick Saver™ Program

PNM Quick Saver™ Program

With the Quick Saver Program, PNM makes it quick and easy for small business accounts to save energy and reduce electric bills by making lighting and refrigeration retrofit upgrades.

As a PNM Authorized Quick Saver Contractor, you provide the customer with an onsite energy assessment to identify energy-saving opportunities, and present a proposal with the incentives included.

If the customer approves the proposal, the you file the necessary paperwork through the Quick Saver web portal with PNM and install the new equipment in the customer’s facility.

On average, PNM pays 50 percent or more of the project costs directly to you, the PNM Authorized Quick Saver Contractor. The customer pays the balance of the project.

  • Business customers on the Small Power rate automatically qualify for PNM Quick Saver.
  • PNM business customers on General Power rates with a maximum monthly peak demand of 200 kW per meter, based on the last 12 months of billing history, qualify for PNM Quick Saver.
  • Email the PNM Business Energy Efficiency Team at energyefficiency@pnm.com for verification if qualification information is not available from your customer.
  • LED lamp replacing fluorescent, incandescent, HID
  • <100W Incan/Halogen to LED screw-in or bi-pin lamps
  • HID to T8/T5 fixture
  • T12 or T8 to LED fixture (new LED fixture only)
  • LED retrofit kit replacing fluorescent, incandescent, HID
  • LED fixture replacing fluorescent, incandescent, HID
  • Exterior lighting – HID/incandescent fixture to new LED fixture
  • LED exit sign – new fixture
  • Lighting occupancy sensors
  • Night covers for displays
  • EC motor for reach-in
  • EC motor for walk-ins
  • EC motor for walk-in with control
  • Anti-sweat heater (ASH) controls
  • LED refrigerated case lighting (vertical)
  • Snack vending machine controller (non-refrigerated only)
  • Refrigerated case controller (freestanding reach-in case)
  • Reduce your customers’ out of pocket costs without affecting your bottom line
  • All incentives go directly to your business
  • Gain a competitive edge with the support of PNM
  • Sell more jobs
  1. Be a PNM Authorized Contractor
  2. Complete contractor application
  3. Attend a Quick Saver training
  4. Begin to offer this service to your customers

Contact our program staff for details.

Pastians Bakery Case Study

PNM Quick Saver Portal

PNM Authorized Contractors can enter projects, access real-time project data, and application updates here.

2024 Overall Program Status

Available funds paid as of May 28, 2024


Call us at 505-938-9400 or
email energyefficiency@pnm.com

Become a PNM Authorized Contractor

Some of the benefits you can expect by becoming an Authorized Contractor:

  • Financial advantage, such as third-party payment of incentives & cash bonuses when available
  • Technical, rebate application, and engineering support
  • Secure access to real-time program data through the Program Project Portals
  • And many more